Mental Health Awareness

"Spot the Signs. Talk About It. Get Help" encourages individuals all over the state to listen to one another, reach out, and encourage help-seeking for anyone struggling with mental or emotional issues.

Bringing this message to the youth and parents in Georgia’s schools is particularly important for keeping our families and communities mentally healthy and getting them help when needed. According to the Georgia Student Health Survey for the 2015-2016 school year, 8.7% of Georgia students grades 6th through 12th seriously considered attempting suicide in the last year, while 4.1% attempted suicide. 17% said they did not know another student they could talk to if feeling sad or down; 22% said they did not know an adult they could talk to if they needed help. 46% felt sad or withdrawn at some point in the last 30 days, and 1 in 5 experienced intense worries or fears that got in the way of daily activities.

We want our children and adolescents to thrive in their daily activities, in school and at home. Mental illness may negatively impact our students’ concentration, energy, social interactions, resilience to challenges or change, and ability to handle everyday life. 


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