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Pre-K Registration

For more information about Pre-K registration, please contact the school at  (478) 237-9593.

Student Registration

Student Registration   



We welcome new students to the Emanuel County School System! PK-12 students entering our school system for the first time must register at the school.

Registration Forms:

      Student Registration Form
     *  Home Language Survey
     *  Migrant Education Program Survey - English
     *  Migrant Education Program Survey - Spanish
     *  Student Residency Statement (Homeless Verification)
     *  Transportation Request (if applicable)
     *  Student Behavior Enrollment Application (if applicable)
     *  Waiver to Use 1-900 SSN from State (if applicable)
     *  Non-Parental Affidavit of Residence Form (if applicable)
     *  Request for Exceptional Students Records (if applicable)

Documents needed for enrollment:

1.       Proof of Age (ex.  Birth Certificate)
2.       GA Certificate of Immunization Form 3231 
3.       GA Dental/Hearing/Vision Screening Form 3300
4.       Proof of Residence (ex. utility bill)
5.       Proof of Social Security Number or Signed Waiver

**Note:  State law requires a school to request that a person enrolling a student provide the enrolling student’s Social Security number or a signed statement stating the individual does not wish to provide the Social Security number.  Providing a Social Security number or applying for a number is not required for enrollment.