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7th Grade Mathematics Syllabus


Stacie Scarboro-Youmans             Emanuel County Institute           2018-2019 Syllabus


What will I be learning about in this class?This course is designed to prepare students for success in future math courses and life. We will cover Probability, Algebra and Geometry topics. The curriculum is based on the 7th Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence, which can be found at www.gadoe.org or www.georgiastandards.org.

Unit 1: Operations with Rational Numbers

Unit 2: Expressions and Equations

Unit 3: Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Unit 4: Geometry

Unit 5: Inferences

Unit 6: Probability

Unit 7: Show What You Know  


What will I need each day?

·      Paper, Pencil, Calculator

·      An open mind, the willingness to work hard, and the desire to succeed


Keeping In Contact

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My plan time is from 10:30-11:15. Parent contact will be made as needed. I can be reached at 478-763-2673 or ssyoumans@emanuel.k12.ga.us I also have a website that I try to keep updated with homework and test dates.


Homework/Class work

To get better at math we have to practice math. Students will usually be issued homework Monday through Thursday. All homework is due the following school day. Points may be deducted for late work. Students with excused or unexcused absences have a total of 3 days to turn in missed assignments. Students will NOT be given zeroes for all work not completed BUT they will be missing a chance to practice math and therefore increase their knowledge and grades.  Students must show all work in pencil.


Grading Categories

Homework/Classwork: 40%  Quizzes/Performance Tasks: 40%   Unit Assessments: 20% Student progress may be viewed at www.emanuel.k12.ga.us in the Parent Portal.


General Rules

1.Be Respectful: Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.  

2.Be Responsible: Be in class on time, prepared to work diligently.

3.Be Safe: Stay on task and follow all classroom and school rules.




2.Lunch detention

3.Parent Contact


5.Office referral


Classroom Procedures

  1. Enter classroom quietly with all materials and be seated.  Begin your opening assignment immediately.

  2. Pay attention and participate during instruction.

  3. Complete daily assignments and agenda as indicated. New daily Writing Component from Georgia Standards of Excellence requires students to write about mathematical ideas and concepts they are learning. Daily Writings will be completed in class and graded as classwork.

  4. Students will be performing learning tasks throughout each unit and will be responsible for fulfilling their responsibilities within the group.


 I’m looking forward to a challenging but exciting year in 7th Grade Mathematics.                                                                                                                                                                       Thank you,


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Phone: 478.763.2673