School Supply Lists

Last Updated: 7/16/2019 12:40 PM

Swainsboro Primary School

Kindergarten Supply List  2019-2020

Book Bag (NO wheels)

 Scissors (Fiskars preferred)

 Crayola Crayons (24 count)

A Package of Expo Dry Erase Markers

 Elmer’s Glue Sticks (4 or more)

Pencils (regular size- 12 pack)

Large Eraser (chunky pink)


Wet Wipes

Hand Sanitizer (large bottle)

Primary Journal (Mead makes these)

Ziploc Bags (Quart and Gallon)

Colored Pencils

Pencil Box (optional)

*Some of these supplies will need to be replenished during the school year approximately at report card times (every 9 weeks).  You will be notified.

1st Grade Supply List

1box (24 count) of CRAYOLA crayons

24 Ticonderoga #2 pencils

1 pair of scissors

1 big bottle of Germ-X

3 packs of baby wipes

1 pack of EXPO markers

2 boxes of Kleenex

4 bottles of glue or 8 glue sticks

Ziploc Bags: Gallon Size (1 box) and Quart Size (1 box)

2 pack of index cards

2 big pink erasers

1 pencil box or pouch                                                        

Second Grade Supply List

Book bag (no rolling bags)

Pencil Pouch or box

Glue sticks

Dry erase markers

2 packs of pencils

Hand sanitizer

Index cards



1 pack of Loose leaf paper

1 Primary Journal (looks like a composition notebook but has space for drawing a picture at the top)

2 spiral or composition notebooks




*We would like for each child to have own pair of ear buds to use on the computer. They sell these at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. Any brand is fine. 

Swainsboro Elementary School

3rd Grade Supply List 

1 Pack of No. 2 Pencils  

2 Packs Wide Ruled Notebook Paper  



Cap Erasers  

1 Pack of Glue Sticks (not bottled glue)  

3 Composition Notebooks (no spirals)  

Expo Markers  


Box of Tissue (Optional)  

Paper Towels (Optional)

Ziploc Bags (Optional)

Germ – X (Optional)




4th Grade Supply List

5 Composition Books (not spiral)

5  (3 prong, plastic) Folders

5  Packs of loose leaf paper

Pencils - No Mechanical Pencils

Big Pink Erasers

Pack of Dry Erase Markers (thick tip)

Glue Sticks

Crayons or Colored  Pencils

Pencil Pouch or Pencil Box


Lysol Wipes (Optional)

Germ-X (Optional)

2 boxes of Tissues (Optional)

Headphones or Earbuds (Optional - not over $5)

5th Grade Supply List



Pencil Pouch

Pencil Sharpener


Crayons or Color Pencils

Expo Markers


Glue Sticks


Ear Buds or Head Phones (not over $5)

Notebook Paper (several packs)

1.5 - 2 inch Notebooks

Subject Dividers

2 - Math Composition Notebook (non-spiral)

Writing Journal Composition Notebook (non-spiral)

Science Composition Notebook (non-spiral)

Kleenex Tissue (Optional)

Hand Sanitizer (Optional)

Swainsboro Middle School

6th Grade Supply List
1 Three-ring Binder (2 inch)
Loose-leaf Paper (Every Day)
Ruler (metric and customary)
10 Dividers
Colored Student Markers
Pencils (Every Day)
Colored Pencils
Graph Paper
Glue Sticks
Dry-Eraser marker for student use
Kleenex (Optional but appreciated)
Hand Sanitizer (Optional but appreciated)
Small Clear or see-thru Mesh Bag for gym clothing (a clear grocery bag will work)

**Additional items may be needed throughout the school year. You will be contacted if additional items are necessary. 

7th Grade Supply List
Students should keep these supplies at school at all times.
2 - 5 Subject Tablets
Hand Sanitizer
Loose Leaf Paper
Colored Pencils
Black Pens
Small Scissors (1 Pair)
Sheet Protectors
Expo Marker
Glue Sticks (3)
Jump Drive
Large Pencil Pouch

Math Supplies
6 Plastic Folder with pockets & fasteners
Loose Leaf Paper
Colored Pencils
Graph Paper
Ti-30 Calculator

Science Supplies
Composition Book
Colored Pencils
Hand Held Pencil Sharpener

8th Grade Supply List
2 Three-ring Binder (2½ - 3 inch)
Dividers (at least 8)
1 Small Pocket Folders with brads
Hand Held Pencil Sharpener
Loose-leaf Notebook Paper
3-ring Pencil Pouch
Pencils (black #2 lead ONLY)
Colored Pencils
Graph Paper
Ti-30 calculator (for home use)
Small Clear or See-thru Mesh Bag for gym clothing (a clear grocery bag will work)

Teacher Wish List

Dry-Eraser markers
Hand Sanitizer 

Swainsboro High School

(Please remember the school dress code when purchasing school clothes.  It is available online)

All Subjects

  • 2 inch 3-ring binder
  • 2 sets of dividers
  • Notebook paper, 2 packages per class
  • Black and blue pens
  • No. 2 pencils


Language Arts Supplies

  • Sticky notes
  • Jump drive

Math Supplies

  • Graph paper
  • Scientific calculator  for 9th & 10th grades
  • TI 83 or TI 84 Graphing calculator for 11th & 12th grades, if possible

Science Supplies

  • Index cards
  • Scientific calculator – for Physical Science,

Chemistry, & Physics classes

  • Colored pencils/markers
  • Glue sticks
  • 3 prong folder – for Environmental Science,

Anatomy, & Biology classes

  • Social Studies Supplies
  • 3 prong folder
  • yellow highlighter

Twin City Elementary School


- Book Bag – No rolling

- Plastic pencil box with latch

- 2 pencils (NO fat pencils please!)

- Box of crayola crayons (24 colors)

- Box of markers (10 basic Colors)

- Scissors (with rounded point)

- Bottle of Elmer's glue (not clear)

- 1 box of dry-erase markers

- small set of headphones (not earbuds)

- 2 Double pocket folders without 

  fasteners (decorative cover)

- 1 large pink eraser

- 1 (180) page spiral notebook

- K-2 Meade Primary Journal

- Beach towel or mat

- 1 box of tissues

- An extra set of clothes

- 1 box of ziploc bags

- wipes

- 1 Roll of paper towels

1st Grade

- Book Bag – no rolling

- Plastic pencil box with latch

- Package of # 2 pencils (no 

  mechanical pencils)

- Package of large pink erasers

- Box of 16 or 24 regular crayons

- Box of large Crayola markers 

- Scissors (with pointed edge)

- Large bottle of glue (white or blue)

- Pocket folder for homework

- Box of (4) dry-erase markers 

  (multi-colored) for lap boards

- Lap Board eraser

- (3) Composition notebooks

- 1 box of facial tissues

- 1 box of gallon & quart ziploc bags

- 1 Roll of paper towels

- earbuds for the lab (inexpensive 

  with in a labeled ziplock bag)

2nd Grade

Book Bag – no rolling

Zipper pouches for pencils and crayons

Pack of #2 pencils

Box of 24 crayons

Box of Crayola markers

Scissors (pointed)

Glue (sticks)

1 -  Black/white journal composition

3 - 0ne subject spiral bound tablets

Pack of dry erase markers

Dry eraser

Wide-ruled, loose leaf notebook paper

2 boxes of facial tissue

2 rolls paper towels


Small container/case for earbuds

1 box of gallon Ziploc bags

3rd Grade

- Book Bag (no satchels)

- 3-ring binder

- 3-ring pencil pouch (no boxes)

- #2 pencils or mechanical pencils (no.  

  7 or larger lead)

- Colored pencils

- Scissors (with pointed tip)

- Glue sticks

- Loose-leaf paper (wide-ruled)

- 1 pack of broad tip dry erase markers

- 2 two-pocket folders WITHOUT prongs

- 2 composition book (no spiral)

- earbuds for the lab 

- soap container for earbuds

- 1 Roll of paper towels

- 2 boxes tissue

4th Grade

- Book Bag

- Pencil pouch (NO plastic pencil 


- #2 pencils 

-a pack of big erasers

- Box of 16 or 24 crayons

- Scissors 

- Glue sticks

- 3-ring binder (1.5 inch)

- 3 pkg Loose-leaf (wide-ruled) notebook paper

- 2 spiral-bound notebooks

-2 / 2pocket folders

- 1 pack of dry erase markers (set 

  of four – broad tip) for lap boards

- 2 boxes of facial tissues

- earbuds for the lab (inexpensive 

  with in a labeled ziplock bag)

- 1 box of quart ziploc bags

- 1 Roll of paper towels

5th Grade

- Book Bag- no rolling

- Zip pencil pouch (NO pencil boxes)

- #2 pencils 

- Scissors 

- Glue sticks

- Highlighters

-1 black/white speckled composition book (NOT spiral)

- 4 packs loose-leaf notebook paper

- 1 three-ring binders (1 inch) 

- 2 packages of subject dividers

-2 Pkgs of (4) low-odor dry erase markers for lap boards

- 2 boxes of facial tissue

- 2 Rolls of paper towels


- earbuds for the lab (inexpensive 

  with in a labeled ziplock bag)

Emanuel County Institute

Sixth Grade 

Students are expected to have their own paper & pencil for every class every day.

  • Packets of loose leaf notebook paper 

  • Number 2 pencils (with erasers)

  • Colored pencils

  • Markers

  • Student pencil sharpener

  • Yellow highlighters (other colors optional)

  • 1 3-ring binder (1-1½” preferred)

  • 1 set of dividers

  • 1 5 subject spiral notebook

  • 2  composition notebooks or 2 spiral notebooks

  • 1 roll of paper towels (for science experiments)

  • Inexpensive calculator

  • Glue sticks

  • Ruler

  • Student scissors 

Seventh Grade 

  • Pencils

  • Erasers

  • Loose leaf paper

  • 3 ring binder with pockets

  • Dividers

  • Colored pencils with hand sharpener including catcher

  • Colored highlighters

  • Scissors

  • Composition (not spiral) notebook 

  • Earbuds for self reflection video journals 

  • Spiral notebook 

  • Dry erase markers

Eighth Grade 

  • 3 - 1” to 1 1/2” 3 ring binders (Math, Science & Social Studies)

  • Language Arts -Plastic folder with 3 prongs and 2 pockets, dividers (regular dividers)

  • Math:  Write-On dividers with pockets

  • Loose leaf paper

  • 3 to 4 glue sticks

  • 2 to 3 packs of colored pencils

  • Flashdrive

  • Scissors

  • Hole puncher (fits in notebook)

  • Mini stapler

  • Highlighters

  • 1 pack of construction paper

  • 1 pack of colored markers (fine point)

  • 2 pencil sharpeners with case

Emanuel County Pre-K

Kinder Mat-Thin Blue/Red (the thick ones will not last)
King size/Body pillow case
Beach Towel/Small Blanket
Change of Clothes (labeled with child’s name)
Book Bag

Items also needed but not required:

Box of Kleenex
Snack, Quart and Gallon Ziploc bags
Baby wipes
Hand Sanitizer