Welcome to the Technology Department

Ann M. Rogers

Technology Project Manager

Stefanie Mason

Student Information Coordinator



The Risk Management process consists of four key elements:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Risk Control

  • Risk Financing

  • Administration

The Emanuel County Schools, through its risk management program, strives to make our schools a safe and healthy place for our children and our employees. Areas such as Worker's Compensation, Family and Medical Leave, Employee Fingerprinting and Background Checks, Student Accident Insurance,  Staff Training, Risk Assessment and Evaluation, and Legal Issues are coordinated through the Risk Management Department.


The mission of the Emanuel County Public Relations Department is to be the liaision between the school and the media.  This includes actively seeking information on events in the school and placing those stories in local media outlets.


Emanuel County School District's Office of Public Relations and Communications is responsible for a wide variety of activities and to act as a liaison between the schools to  get the news to the designated persons  to inform the community of the events.

In addition, the Central Office of Public Relations is responsible for:

  • Back to School Publication
  • School District Activity Calendar
  • Teacher of the Year Program
  • News Release
  • Web Page
  • Various Events during the school year
  • Posting of School Closing or Weather Events