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Central Office Staff

Scotty W. Hattaway
Superintendent of Schools


Dr. Denise Warnock
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Learning

Support Services

Stacey Barber
Executive Director of Technology & Learning Support

Terri Burke
Executive Director of Human Resources

Chandra Hooks
Executive Director of School Nutrition

Jansen Ware
Executive Director of Operations & Transportation

Mollie Smith
Executive Director of Finance

Ann Rogers
Technology Project Manager/Assessment Coordinator

Tammy Gray
Public Relations Specialist
New Teacher Induction Coordinator

Matt Braswell
Project Manager

Student Services

Dr. Susan Rutherford
Director of Special Education/Student Services

Demita Hubbard
Assistant Director of Student Services

Stefanie Mason
Director of Assessment, Career, Technical & Agricultural Education &
Student Information

Dr. Shannon Lawrence
School to Career Coordinator 

Kim Hooks
Farm to School Coordinator

Dr. Gail Greenway
Director of Federal Programs 

Dionne Gamble
Director of Social Work

Olivia Golden
Social Worker