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Dual Enrollment

program that allows eligible high school students to earn college credit while working on their high school diploma. Students earn post-secondary credit hours while simultaneously meeting their high school graduation completion requirements.

House Bill 444 was signed into law by Governor Kemp on April 28, 2020. The bill made changes to the funding of the dual enrollment program. Click on the following link for FAQs regarding the changes including the approved courses, funding cap eligibility, and grade level eligibility. DE Funding FAQs.

Steps to Get Started as a Dual Enrollment Student

Steps to complete at the high school:

  • Meet with high school counselor about interest in Dual Enrollment program, requirements, and advisement.
  • Attend mandatory parent meeting.
  • Sign High School Dual Enrollment Contract.
  • Complete testing requirements based on counselor guidance. If required scores are not achieved, follow remediation process. If student had to complete the remediation process, he/she must meet with the school counselor again prior to moving forward.
  • Follow High School Dual Enrollment Timeline.

The following items must be submitted to the post-secondary institution:

  • Submit online admissions application.
  • Submit preliminary high school transcript reflecting required academic GPA.
  • Provide Lawful Presence documentation to post-secondary institution (ie. Copy of GA issued ID/driver’s license, current passport, or provide certified copy of birth certificate). 
  • Complete all post-secondary admission requirements.
  • For EGSC, provide completed and signed EGSC Immunization form:
  • Submit Dual Enrollment Student and Parent Participation Agreement via GA Futures account. 
  • Complete the GA Futures Dual Enrollment Funding Application via GA Futures account prior to beginning classes at the post-secondary institution. The GA Futures Dual Enrollment Funding Application is how Dual Enrollment classes are paid for and must be submitted each semester a student participates in the Dual Enrollment program.

Swainsboro High School
Angela Hooks, Registrar

Swainsboro High School
Befaney Roberson, Counselor

Emanuel County Institute
Elizabeth Kraus, Counselor

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