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Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign Exchange Student Enrollment Procedures


Foreign Exchange Placement Agencies

1.       All sponsoring agencies must be fully approved by the Council on Standards in International Travel (CSIET).   The sponsoring agency must have a program in the State of Georgia and prove non-profit status.  Agencies with regional representatives is preferred.

2.       The exchange program must assume full responsibility for the student.  This includes solving any housing or personal problems the student may have.  Exchange students must have completed insurance coverage.

3.       It is the responsibility of the agency to ensure that the exchange student is English proficient. The student must have taken a minimum of three years of English in the native school as verified by transcripts.  Agencies should provide all necessary enrollment records to school by June 15th prior to the enrollment year. The representative of the sponsoring agency is responsible for providing copies of the student’s records and visa to the school principal prior to the student attending classes.

4.       The sponsoring agency is responsibility for notifying the parents of foreign exchange students that they are not eligible to gradate or participate in the ceremonies.

5.       Failure of exchange student agencies to abide by these procedure can result in a review of the agency’s privilege of placing student in Emanuel County Schools.  This privilege may be revoked.


Foreign Exchange Students

1.       The age of foreign exchange students must not exceed eighteen (18) on September 1st of the year in Emanuel County Schools.

2.       Students eligible for participation as foreign exchange students must not have completed the final year of high school as organized in their home county.

3.       Students must be English proficient.  Foreign exchange students are not eligible for ESOL or Bilingual services.

4.       Exchange students are required to conform to all school requirements, obtaining a Georgia certificate of immunization and a certificate of ear, eye, and dental examination.

5.       Foreign exchange students are not eligible to receive a high school diploma. The exchange students are accepted for cultural enrichment only.

6.       Foreign exchange students that violate the code of conduct are subject to withdrawal at the principal’s discretion.


Emanuel County Schools reserve the right to limit the number of foreign exchange students placed in the high schools.  Principals will make recommendations for acceptance, based on their class sizes and available enrollment documentation provided by the agency.