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The Emanuel County School System believes that the best education is one that is delivered in school by a teacher. However, we recognize that some families may not be comfortable sending their child(ren) to school. To accommodate those families, the Emanuel County School System is proud to partner with Edgenuity to offer a fully online option for families. Families who are interested in the virtual option need to apply before July 29. A link to the application is at the bottom of this web page.


  • The ECS Virtual Academy will be offered for grades K through 12.
  • The ECS Virtual Academy is different from the digital learning/paper packets that occurred during school closure last spring.
  • The ECS Virtual Academy is for families who want their child(ren) enrolled with the Emanuel County School System, but they do not wish to send their child(ren) to the school building for in-person instruction.
  • All ECS Virtual Academy instruction will be delivered online through interactive lessons. Students complete lessons at their own pace and can be supported by an online tutor through Edgenuity.  Mentors, who will be a certified employee for the Emanuel County School System, will monitor the progress and follow-up with students.
  • The ECS Virtual Academy will follow the same school calendar and grading windows as in-person instruction.
  • ECS Virtual Academy students will be expected to adhere to the rules and procedures in the school handbook.
  • Assignments will be graded and daily participation is an expectation. Failure to regularly participate and/or to complete assignments on time may result in failing grades and lead to retention.
  • Families choosing to enroll in the ECS Virtual Academy will need to provide their child(ren) with an internet connection and telephone. Emanuel County Schools will assistance with a computer checked out to parents for each virtual student.
  • Students participating in the ECS Virtual Academy will be required to complete state assessments that will take place on the school campus.
  • Students participating in the ECS Virtual Academy cannot participate in extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, band, chorus, etc.) during the semester or nine-weeks they are enrolled in the Virtual Academy.


  • Students must be enrolled in the Emanuel County School System.
  • Register and enroll their child(ren) in ECS Virtual Academy.
  • Commit to their child(ren) completing a full semester of online instruction for Grades 9-12 or nine-weeks of online instruction for grades K-8.
  • Monitor the care and usage of the computer provided to students (if needed).
  • Monitor and assist child(ren) with online courses as needed.
  • Hold child(ren) accountable for completing online course work.
  • Serve as point of contact for the onsite mentor.
  • For elementary school students choosing to begin the semester with distance/digital learning, the school system is planning to utilize Accelerate Education.
    • Students will be enrolled in self-paced, on grade-level, online classes through an online learning management system called Accelerate Education. 
    • Students in grades K-5 will need significant assistance from a parent/adult in the home (approximately 2-3 hours each day of adult assistance). This adult will become the student’s Learning Coach.
    • If you are considering this option, it is essential that you watch this brief video about the role of the Learning Coach and the Accelerate Education model of delivering instruction. The Learning Coach website can be accessed here


  • Complete assignments and assessments independently, without assistance from others.
  • Complete at least 5 hours of work per course each week.
  • Make progress in each course each week.
  • When assistance is needed or questions arise, contact the virtual tutor or onsite mentor.


Enrollment Window for Fall Semester: July 17, 2020 to July 29, 2020

Fall Semester: August 3, 2020 to December 18, 2020 (1st nine weeks ends on October 2, 2020)

Enrollment Window for Spring Semester: Nov. 30 to Dec. 11

Spring Semester: January 7, 2021 to May 26, 2021(3rd nine weeks ends on March 16, 2021)

Once enrolled, families will have ten (10) days to decide to change back to traditional, in-school instruction. After the ten days expire, the student will have to attend the ECS Virtual School until the end of the nine-weeks or semester, whichever is applicable.

Note: ECS Virtual Academy courses do not adhere to NCAA Clearinghouse rules.

To apply for the ECS Virtual Academy, you will need to contact your school.