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Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the website of the Emanuel County School System. I am honored to serve as the Superintendent of the Emanuel County School District and I look forward to the continual work with parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the members of the community to provide wonderful opportunities for every student in our system to succeed. Our students are among some of the best in the state, and this district is filled with quality, dedicated professionals who want the best for each of our students. I appreciate the support that our communities give to our schools and to our students.


As Superintendent, I am very serious about my responsibility as a steward of our system's resources. Residents of Emanuel County can be confident that with their investment in education, our community will see improved academic achievement and an improved quality of education for our students.


The very focal point of our mission is our students. By working together, we have an opportunity to build upon our successes to ensure that all students are learning at high levels and that each and every staff member in the district supports the efforts in our classrooms. Together we will be able to achieve our mission "prepare and inspire all students for college and career success, through personalized learning and relevant experiences." Please join us as we daily strive towards accomplishing our vision "to strengthen our community one student at a time."


One of my goals for the Emanuel County School System is that we will know, we will value, and we will work to inspire every child. Student success begins with relationships, high expectations, and support systems in place to provide the resources necessary for us to achieve those expectations. You will find that our faculty and staff care deeply about our students and they will provide our students with the educational foundation and the solid Tier 1 Instruction that our students need to achieve. We will strive each and every day to live out our goals of F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Forget.About.Me.I.Love.You.) and S.A.S. (Service.Above.Self.). I challenge all of our faculty and staff to approach each day with the following mentality towards our students: 1) Learn 'em, 2) Love ‘em, then 3) Lead ‘em. I want each and every one of us to take the time to stop, see the need, and meet the need for our students. 


Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in the Emanuel County School System!


In this with you all,


Scotty W. Hattaway


Emanuel County Schools